"I want to reduce my crew's downtime."

"It's hard to coordinate jobs so that I keep my crews busy all the time."

"Everything's rolling along, and then come to find out we were late ordering some materials. So we have to sit and wait for it."

"Downtime is hard on my employees and on my business."

Keeping your employees working all the time is a good way to keep your overhead down and your bottom line up. But how do you to that when there are so many things to coordinate to keep a job moving?

SmartContractor has a number of features that will help you keep everying moving smoothly...

  • SmartContractor scheduling allows you to assign your employees and work crews to job work items, and automatically flag schedule conflicts.
  • SmartContractor work orders allow you to keep your employees, work crews, equipment, and subs directed to what they're scheduled to be working on, when, and where.
  • SmartContractor purchase orders allow you to easily time your purchase orders and subcontract orders so that materials will be received on time and ready for scheduled installation.

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